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Title Channel City Source Supported Platforms
Manhattan Neighborhood Network Manhattan Video Stream  
Manhattan Neighborhood Network 2 Manhattan Video Stream  
Manhattan Neighborhood Network 3 Manhattan Video Stream  
Manhattan Neighborhood Network 4 Manhattan RSS  
Greenwich Government and Community Television Channel 79 Greenwich Video Stream  
Northampton Community Television Northampton Community Television Northampton Video on Demand    
Amherst Media Amherst Video on Demand    
WilliNet Community TV WKZ Williamstown Video on Demand    
Worcester Community Cable Access TV13 Worcester Video Stream  
Medfield.tv Medfield Video on Demand    
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Localr.tv is a crowd sourced, geotagged database of local media resources maintained to feed apps on the new devices "cord cutters" are using. We are currently optimizing 475 media sources for 376 cities.

While devices like GoogleTV, AppleTV, Boxee, and others give viewers the content they want at a fraction of cable's cost, there is very little local content available on these devices. Unfortunately, local network affiliates and public access stations already have budget issues. As audiences shift, local content producers will only have less revenue to work with. They cannot afford to develop a custom app for every emerging device and standard.

We love the internet. We love the fact that we can watch a shows about any topic online that would never have an audience big enough to air on cable or broadcast television.

We also love our local communities.

We realized that when we canceled our cable our local public access station loses funding. When we watch Outsourced on Hulu, our local NBC affiliate had less ad revenue. The end result is less funding for television journalism and locally produced content. While we are willing to go out of our way to find local content, we know many people won't.

If local content isn't prominently placed on new these new devices, the organizations that create it could disappear before they have a chance to adapt.

Not finding a local resource?